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The worlds first All-In-One AUTOMATED SALES TOOL

The only completely hands off sales system that is driven by AI automation.

Are you tired of the endless cycle of hiring, training, and managing sales teams?

Do you want to increase your sales and revenue?

Do it without the hassle of traditional sales methods. Look no further than Croeluxx.

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Accommodating AI sales systems for ALL BUSINESS SIZES.

Startups to Enterprise and Fortune 100 companies.

Now offering Commission Only subscription packages for small businesses.

Benefits of Croeluxx

Our AI Sales Intelligence Team provides tailored sales strategies with our
completely hands off system that is driven by AI automation. We program your leads, set your outreach sequence and our AI sales team handles your sales closing.

It works 24/7 and offers real-time analytics to show daily sales performance. We have a verified lead system to ensure that every lead is real and active. The number of leads you can reach out to can range from 6,000 to 100,000 daily. It depends on your business size and sales goals.

Our system has adopted DMARC, managing email delivery best practices and proactively maintaining the highest quality email deliverability. Monitor all of your sending IP addresses, including 3rd party senders, for blacklisting issues.

Email Message Volume:5,000,000 per month. This includes initial campaigns and follow up emails.

how it works

Industry-Specific Lead Sourcing

We provide lead sourcing for any industry. We ensure a constant stream of potential customers tailored to your business. And, we verify every lead we provide.

Automated Lead Collection

Our AI sales system collects new leads and updates them to your CRM, keeping your customer database organized and up-to-date.

Initial Outreach and Follow-ups

Croelux takes the initiative in reaching out to prospects starting with the initial emails and follows up to ensure no potential customer is overlooked.

Engagement via SMS and Phone Calls

We engage new prospects through SMS messages and phone calls, providing a personal touch while deepening engagement with qualified prospects who want to know more about your products and services.

Effortless Meeting Scheduling

Our AI sales system takes care of booking sales meetings and updating your CRM calendar, saving you the hassle of scheduling.

Hosting Virtual Meetings

Croelux Virtual AI sales system provide a seamless and efficient sales process by hosting virtual meetings with prospects and closing the sales cycle.

Smooth Transitioning of New Clients

Once a deal is closed, our AI sales system sends a welcome email and transitions your new client to your client success team for onboarding.

how it grows your business

Personalized Sales Pitches:

Our Croeluxx AI sales team analyzes your customer data to create personalized sales pitches that convert.

24/7 Availability:

With Croeluxx your business is always open for sales. Our AI sales team works around the clock to generate leads and close deals.


No more high commissions or HR expenses. Croeluxx is an affordable, flat monthly subscription.

Eliminates Hiring and Training Costs:

With Croeluxx, you won't need to hire or train a sales team. Our virtual AI sales team is always ready to go.

Rapid Results:

Forget long ramp-up times for new hires. Our virtual AI sales team performs from day one, boosting your revenue.


As your business grows, so does Croeluxx. Our team can adapt to your changing needs to generate more leads and revenue.

Croeluxx offers a solution that addresses the challenges of the current sales model by providing personalized, 24/7 sales support without the need for hiring, training, and with scalable capabilities to drive better results and improved productivity.

how it communicates

Croeluxx Virtual AI employs advanced machine learning. Powered by Azure OpenAI, it analyzes customer data. It tailors sales pitches using NLP (Natural Linguistic Processing), NLU (Natural Language Understanding), and multilingual models. It does this on a virtual web interface. This enables seamless face-to-AI communication, closing deals faster. With every call and meeting it has with your prospects, it becomes smarter. It learns more about your products and services. It's then able to tailor the sales call to any of your clients' needs. As a result, it can answer questions and offer fast, accurate solutions.

how it makes you money

Croeluxx AI sales team is a service that helps companies generate more sales leads, close more deals, and increase revenue. Croeluxx AI sales teams uses artificial intelligence to make up to 100,000 outreaches per day and close over 200+ deals daily. Companies can hire Croeluxx AI sales teams for a fraction of the cost of hiring human sales professionals. Croeluxx AI sales teams can also integrate with existing CRM systems and provide analytics and insights on sales performance. Croeluxx AI sales teams is the future of sales innovation and a game-changer for businesses of any size and industry

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Croeluxx?

Croeluxx is a revolutionary tool designed to automate the entire sales process. It eliminates the need to hire salespeople, thereby reducing the cost and stress associated with managing a sales team.

How does Croeluxx work?

Croeluxx uses advanced artificial intelligence to perform every aspect of the sales process. This includes hiring, training, and managing the sales team, ensuring consistent performance and sales generation.

Who is behind Croeluxx?

Croeluxx is the brainchild of Tristan Bliss, a seasoned business expert specializing in innovation development and strategic marketing. Despite being a recent survivor of stage 4 Thymoma cancer and stage 2 Ovarian cancer, Tristan remains focused on helping business owners overcome the stress and overwhelm of running a sales team.

What makes Croeluxx different?

It’s our commitment to precision, efficiency, and personalization. Our AI bots are precision-engineered to deliver precise sales strategies. They work tirelessly, 24/7, handling repetitive tasks, lead generation, customer interactions, and closing deals. They offer personalized customer interactions and sales strategies, creating a more engaging and customized experience for each customer.

How can I subscribe to Croeluxx?

You will need to be added to the waiting list. When we launch, you will be notified by email letting you know when we are accepting clients.

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